The Practice


The Integrative Approach

While conventional medicine can offer dramatic benefits treatment of illness, a new paradigm is emerging which strives to achieve optimal health and resiliency using a person-oriented rather than disease-oriented model focused on optimal well-being and longevity. Functional medicine addresses the upstream causes of dis-ease from a biochemical perspective, focusing on systems and interconnections as opposed to isolated symptoms. It explores the complex web of interactions between various body systems (i.e., gut, immune, neuro-endocrine, cardiovascular, detoxification, etc.) in attempt to reveal root causes… Both patient and clinician work together collaboratively to design a treatment approach tailored uniquely to his or her genetics, lifestyle and environmental exposures.

Integrative medicine utilizes evidenced-based approaches stemming from both the “conventional” as well as “complementary” to treat the individual from the perspective of mind, body, spirit and community through collaborative engagement. It supports the patient’s beliefs and preferences while using modalities that are evidenced-based but as natural and safe as possible. Both approaches strive to help an individual achieve his or her best self through powerful and lasting lifestyle changes that involve nutrition, diet, herbal supplementation as well as physical and spiritual exercises.

Core Principles of the Practice

• Build a collaborative partnership emphasizing one’s innate capacity to heal.
• Focus primarily on optimal well-being and resiliency while relieving symptoms.
• Create a plan that integrates the spiritual with the mental, physical, emotional and social self.
• Use evidence-based approaches considered natural, effective and less invasive.
• Strive for self-empowerment in the path toward profound, long-lasting change.

Policies and Fees


Appointments can be scheduled online and via email request. Depending on demand, time slots may not be available after school, so parents should plan accordingly (a doctor’s note can be provided at time of appointment). Please be sure to leave plenty of time to schedule appointments during the school year as refills are not provided unless patients are up-to-date with appointments. Appointment reminders are not provided, so please be sure to avoid fees for missed or changed appointments (see below) by keeping track of appointments.

Skype Sessions are Available:

Therapy sessions over Skype are available for who find it difficult to schedule an in-person appointment. To use Skype, you will need to access the internet using a computer that is video compatible and Skype software. The software is free and can be downloaded from the website.

Payment for Services:

Payment is due at the time of service in the form of check or cash (Paypal, VISA and Mastercard are accepted for an additional fee).  Unfortunately, the Practice does not accept insurance. Patients will receive a billing statement for services rendered with the appropriate codes for submission to the insurance company. To respect confidentiality, forms are completed only with permission of the patient and filled out in person. If preferred, they can be filled out during non-session times but there will be a charge for time utilized at current rates. All forms will be given to the patient and not to the requesting agency. If an insurance company sends a check to the Practice in error, it will be marked “VOID” and returned to the patient.


The fee for initial evaluation/consultation is $310 per 50 min session (initial evaluations are approx. 2 – 4 hours). In the case of pediatric patients, the evaluation/consultation generally includes an interview with parent(s) first; the child will be interviewed during the second session (with and without parents – depending on the child’s comfort level). Follow up appointments are $210 for half-sessions (20-25 minutes) and $310 for full sessions (50 minutes). Please see fee schedule for additional services and charges.

Fee Schedule:

Initial consultation/evaluation
(over 1-3 sessions)
2-4 hrs $310/hr
Follow-up sessions 20-25 minutes
50 minutes
Extended telephone consultation with
patients, families, or professionals
per 10 minutes $50
Written reports $600
Legal Consultation $500/hr
Initial Late Payment Penalty
(Thereafter, 1.5% service charge per month)
Cancellation/Missed Appointment Fees
Less than 2 full business days in advance
50% Visit Charge
Less than 1 full business day in advance Full Charge
Credit Card Transaction Fee $20
Insufficient Funds Fee $35

Credit card guarantee:

All appointments require a credit card guarantee against late cancellations, missed appointments, etc. There is a non-refundable fee of $100 to secure the first appointment. This will be credited towards the total charge of first visit. (Transaction fees as above).

Late Arrivals/Cancellations:

The appointment time is reserved exclusively for you during the scheduled time. Please make every effort to arrive on time as time cannot be extended for late arrivals and you will still be charged for the entire visit.

Telephone, Skype, and E-mail:

Emails are reserved for non-clinical questions. By sending an e-mail, you acknowledge and agree that a prompt reply is NOT expected, nor is confidentiality. Telephone and Skype sessions are available for existing patients if it is not possible to come in person. In general, there is no fee for uncomplicated, urgent questions that take place during business hours. For non-urgent matters, please wait until your next scheduled appointment. For issues requiring immediate attention, parents/patients are advised to contact the local emergency department, or call 911.

The charge for non-urgent communications (i.e., via telephone or email) or for forms not filled out during the session is billed at the same consultation rate as in-person visits and charged to the credit card on file (prorated in 10 minute increments).

For families in need of frequent telephone or email contact, the Practice may not be the best fit. In those situations, Dr. Stayer may be useful as a consultant to provide advice on diagnostic or treatment issues, while another physician remains the primary clinician.

Medications and Refills:

It is very important not to miss doses or run out of medications. If refills are needed to tide over till next visit, please be sure to contact the office at least 1 week in advance. Provide the name, date of birth, the medication and dosage, and the telephone number of the pharmacy. To ensure close monitoring, patients must be monitored no less than once every 3 months. Please be sure to stay current with your account and follow-up appointments as refills will not be given for more than three months after the last appointment.


Medicines can be dangerous if not taken as prescribed. To ensure excessive dosages are not ingested at any single time, please be sure to keep them locked up and out of reach.

Medication Information:

Information on medications is available at the office, but please be sure to check ( or for reliable, up-to-date information.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about medications!