True healing arises from the deeper recesses of our being.  Our beliefs and our spirituality are the foundation from which we develop a grounded sense of self in the world, and the calm equipoise to take on life’s challenges. When we are attuned with our deeper self, we develop confidence and self-mastery, an exuberance for life, and a feeling of deep interconnectedness with others. We recognize that our life is meaningful, and that we matter to others. When these are not nourished — or worse, not even acknowledged — our bodies and our relationships pay a price.

Mind-body medicine is wholistic. It brings the many dimensions of an individual – physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual — into the healing process in a supportive and nurturing environment. From this place of safety, one can embark on a journey into the self with a sense of childlike inquisitiveness, and even playful levity. Who says healing has to be hard?